Street style

Yesterday I went to my grandparents. I choose a bit simply outfit, but it's good for anywhere. (except the dates, and where you have to dress up beautifully, of course) Converse is always a good idea!



Euge Etche said…
I like it! It's simple and cute :)
Obsessed Fashion Blog
M said…
Love the color of your pants ;)

Zaneta said…
Simple outfits are the best.
B Ruhamania said…
Great:) x
Carolina T said…
Great, every day look! I love it ;)
Sarah-M. said…
Cute look! Love your bag!
What about following each other? Just let me know!
megcasson said…
Very pretty pictures.

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imen said…
hey, do u wanna follow each other, follow me and let me know by comment on my blog, i will follow u back
Prettytendency said…
Preciosos looks. Followed back. Kisses.

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