More than sure

My first design project is handed in! Yaaay, I'm super happy about it, because I had a lot of work with it and now I can say that I'm proud of myself. It was my first project alone, so of course I have a lot of mistakes, but who cares now? This project helped me a lot and now I'm more than sure that this is what I would like to do and study.
The next 2 weeks also will be interesting, because we'll start a new project tomorrow, and I'm really curious about it too! :D 

Today we also had a Christmas decoration night (with hot wine - yay -) at school, so it was also a long, but good day. 



That's a lovely look!! And I am also proud of you, because is very important to learn about mistakes and don't take care about them. Kisses from Spain.
Unknown said…
nice look , Love your sneakers
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Unknown said…
Hopefully everything went fine, congrats w your first project!

Naomi in Wonderland
Andrea Ferencz said…
Yes, I agree! Thank you :)

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