Nature and my mood for today

After a fun weekend trip, a move in and out, finally I'm a bit tired. But it was more than worth it. Our new apartment is still empty, but we'll make it more homelike than the apartment before. I have lots of ideas how I would like to furnish it. 

Luckily the Christmas is near the corner, so I can rest a little bit and soon I'll arrive home, after 4 months. It was a long way, but if I recall my memories, it wasn't so long. It happened lots of good things with me, I could experience more than I imagined. Slowly I used to the Danish weather and the life here as well. 


Today Google translator not work, so I can not understand the post. But I wanted to thank you for your visit and your nice comment. Have a nice day, kisses,

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Wildfire Charm said…
Good luck with decorating your apartment and Happy New Year!
Sina said…
I hope you had a wonderfull christmas and I guess your apartment is more homelike to you now :)

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