Could you tell me a secret?

Officially Spring is here so everybody needs a huge wardrobe cleaning. Am I right? I think I'm not the only one who has a lot of stuff which was hanging in the wardrobe for months or years, then the situation is even worse... It could hang there for years and nobody wears it. Why? 
I think it was something like love for the first sight than it goes out of the 'trend' and nobody wants it... Or simply just getting bored of it. I don't really like those kind of clothes that easily become mainstream. But nowadays we could do nothing because of fast fashion.

The main idea for this post was that I would like to share some of my tips and tricks how I clean out my wardrobe. 

Since I started this blog, my style changed a lot. Sometimes what I wear it depends on my feelings and on the weather as well. I like the simplicity in my clothes and usually I like to try out new combinations. 
The last time when I did a huge wardrobe cleaning I realised that I have a lot of cool stuff that I didn't use for a while, so it seemed that I bought new clothes, haha. Usually I decide easily what to toss, donate or sell, because if I didn't wear it for 4-5 months, it could go. Maybe there are people who need that piece more than me. It is better to give it to someone, than to hang in my wardrobe and nobody wears it. I like to donate, because after that I feel that I did something good, and I like that kind of feeling. 
Also if you're thinking the same as I am, you should check the page!

There are items that I typically buy, for example black jeans. I really, really obsessed with black jeans. I almost everyday wear black pants, and if not it is a special day! :D 
I never ever did something like changing my whole wardrobe because new trends came up and I needed those new tops and jackets. I am more than 'quality under quantity person' and if I like it, I would wear it. 

When you start to clean out your wardrobe ask yourself some important questions. 
1. Did I wear it in the last few months? 
2. Do I still like it? 
3. Would I wear it in the next season?

Everybody knows that there will be items that you will never wear again, but lay in your wardrobe and it becomes 'maybe one day' item. So you won't throw it out, because you think you'll wear it. But you don't. So make a huge step forward and donate it! Promise me, you'll never ever wear it again! 

Let me know if your wardrobe cleaning was successful!


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