Spring - wait, what?

Sooo... Is it really happening? I'm still in Denmark and it is sunny and warm. I really can't believe it. I'm just simply in love with this weather!
By the way, just 4 more days and I'll be back at home! Can't wait to be with my family and friends again and just enjoy their presence. 

 - About the previous weeks -
I was working on my skirt assignment in the previous weeks and finally my skirt project is over! There is my final product. My inspiration was Munthe (it is a Danish fashion brand from Copenhagen and in the end I realised that it is really close to my style - simple street style with elegance and minimalism. I really enjoyed making the design DNA and a collection for them). On Friday we presented our stuff, so I could celebrate the weekend with a lot of sleep. (Just kidding, I wasn't sleeping, I had other stuff to do).

Tomorrow we will go to Esbjerg for a short trip by train. It will be our first train trip here in DK, so I can't wait for it! 



Unknown said…
I have a friend of mine who lives in Denmark and she is really struggling to get used with the cold weather. I'm happy that finally the sun is out and days can get a bit warmer! xx
Diane Umuhoza said…
Great style !

Andrea Ferencz said…
I hope it will come more days like this! Denmark is a good place if there is good weather too, haha! :D
Andrea Ferencz said…
Thank you Diane! :)
Unknown said…
I love this all black outfit - very chic!



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