Lace up, baby!

As you know, I like changes (it is not always true, but let's say that I like it). Now, I would like to give you different solutions for wearing an outfit. Also, I would like to challenge myself. Sometimes I just want something new, and this is how can we grow and become more and more better. Am I right? 
Fortunately, I have lots of motivation, my head is full of new ideas as with the blog, but as well with new projects. 
I'm thinking about moving my website to a new platform that would show my style, and through it maybe it'll become more personal, more 'me'. What do you think about it? 

About the outfit. I wanted to do a minimal but still unique outfit, so I made it a bit different than usual and suddenly I really liked the result. Firstly, it was too simple just to wear the shirt, so I put on my lace sleeveless top and in the end it looked sooo cool. I felt really elegant, but comfortable at the same time. 
For shoes I choose my Nike, which gave a street style impression in the end. 



Bright December said…
Beautiful outfit!
Unknown said…
I always love a touch of lace in an outfit! you look stunning xx
Jalisa said…
I'm loving the tones and vibe I'm getting from this outfit, girlie! First off, the brown shade looks so pretty on you and great paired with the black. I also really love those sneakers, too! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead!


Andrea Ferencz said…
Thank you very much for your thoughts! :) It made me happy!

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