40 hours no sleep

Soooo... The reason why I am in London for this 8 weeks. Pammpammpamm.
I'm an intern at Teatum Jones, and to be honest, I really enjoy every moment there. I feel a little bit part of the team. There are a lot of kind and nice people around me and I could not be more grateful. 

There were a lot of work done to make that 20-minutes show even more than done. A lot. But we enjoyed it and I liked to be a part of it -  the night before the show we didn't even sleep. Having fun and working at the same time for the London Fashion week show sounds better than sleep, right? 


The collection was inspired by Natasha Baker, a Paralympian equestrian rider - they also invite two disabled models to walk the runway. The SS18 is the continuation of their AW17 collection - The Body Part 1. They wanted to draw attention to the lack of diversity in the fashion industry and I can tell that they are more than kind people, they are so nice with everyone and enjoy their lives. Just lovely people, who made my day even better.

The opportunity to be backstage and help models dress and undress. It's incredible.  The feeling, the people there and the moment of truth - the beginning of the show. To be honest, at the final walk I almost left a teardrop. It's so new feeling, but damn, it's better than having a Nutella crêpe with banana. (Just joking, maybe the same feeling.)




More photos are coming! Stay tuned.



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