When life don't give a shit

 Do you know the feeling, when you planned something, but life gives a shit about it, so you have to think everything again... I think everybody knows what I'm thinking right now. When you want to do something really good, then suddenly something bad happens. I always think about the 'whys'. Maybe I wanted something too much? Maybe I should just go with the flow...
Also, when I moved to a completely different country, I decided that I want some changes in my life - if this move was not enough. I wanted to change my thinking, my motivation, my life habits and also my personal relationships (if I could say like this...)
Now I'm on my own way not to care about what other people think. Maybe it is not my problem what they think, I just do what I feel right. 

So if you want to change, don't be afraid about it. Sometimes it is hard, you will have a lot of ups and downs, but in the end you'll thank yourself. If something doesn't work out for the first time, why should you get up? Try it again and again until you'll find your own way. 
But never forget that you have to enjoy the journey. 

 About my outfit. I choose an oversized T-shirt, but it was too simple for me. I wanted to combine with some elegant piece to get a more casual look. So I get on my white shirt and my khaki bomber jacket. These two were interesting for me, because it was sporty, but casual and elegant at the same time. I liked how the colours look together, it gives me some kind of calm feeling. 



Daniel Poon said…
Love this post! I'm digging the bomber jacket!

Daniel x

The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez
Unknown said…
So true! Change can be hard but its usually always worth it! Love your outfit!

xx Nicole

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