Gazelle on my feet

Finally it's Friday! I cannot imagine that I can sleep as long as I want! We did a little photo shoot today, because the weather was amazing. It was not hot - still windy -, but at least the sun was shining. 
We started the new project which is awesome! I'm really curious and I would like to do my best. 

And my shoes, yes. For now this is my favourite pair of shoes. I really like the simplicity in the design and they are so comfortable. 



Madame Blue said…
great pictures!!

Atsuna Matsui said…
These monochrome captures of you look amazing. This totally looks like images I would find in the Urban Outfitter hand books.

Andrea Ferencz said…
Wow!! Thank you! 😍
Unknown said…
The article was not only a good read but very insightful. I have a query though. How would you target a niche where there are not many blogs and those that are there are not kept up to date and have a low/very niche readership? Any tips would be gratefully received.

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