Monday essentials

So... About my Monday. 
Luckily I had just late classes, so I could sleep a bit more. In the mornings I never know what should I wear that day - if I'm planning something it is sure that it'll be raining with cats and dogs... And who likes to bike to school in the rain? Guess, not me. 
But I'm almost done with my design project (and I'm really happy about it) so tomorrow I can finally finish. 
Tomorrow will be a pretty hard day, but I'll survive, as always! Haha.



Nice picture.. My Monday wasn't too lucky because of studies.. but hopefully ill survive like you! wish you a great day! :)

Unknown said…
Mondays are always a bit rougher! I love your essentials though!

Naomi in Wonderland
Lenya said…
Beautiful photos, girl. Great essentials.

Andrea Ferencz said…
I hope you had a better Tuesday! :)
Andrea Ferencz said…
Yes, strongly agree:D thank you!

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