Tuesday's inspiration - thoughts of mine

You know that kind of mornings when you're not in a rush, you can make a cup of coffee, read your magazine and enjoy the moment. I really like those mornings, but I didn't experience it for a while. I'm always in a rush because of the school, some projects, but I think that's all for me. They can help and teach me in a really good way. I also enjoy those days when I don't have time to think about my problems, and when I feel that I'm doing something useful, something important for my future. 

And I arrived here, I'm in Denmark for about 3 months ago. It was long, but with full of new experiences, new people... But I'll write another post about my life in Denmark.



I love reading your blog! Keep it up!

Nice post!!! I adore you and your sense of fashion and style.
Have a nice day, kisses and thank you for your visit,

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Wildfire Charm said…
You blog is wonderful :)


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