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Summer arrived in Denmark finally and I couldn't be happier!! 
On Friday morning I presented my Research and Trousers project to the class and then some of my friends and me went to the city to just look around. 
When I arrived home, I go out for a walk with my sister and we talked a lot, about everything. It is really strange, that after just one year everything is so different. Isn't it? I mean last year I wasn't sure that I will come to Denmark and have a completely different life. Sometimes living in another country is hard, for the first months were hard for me, at least. But now I think that I'm on a right way to reach my goals. 

So, back to yesterday. It was so calm, warm and a real well-spent 'sister day'. Since I live with Dóri our sistership (is it a real word? haha, I don't think so) is better and I'm really happy about that. 

Have a nice weekend!


Anonymous said…
Change is always difficult but I'm glad yours was for the better!
Olia said…
Unknown said…
Great post! Love the outfit! Kisses

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Andrea Ferencz said…
Thank you! Yes, I tried my best, hope you're all well! :) x

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