Week starter - full of energy?

So... Yesterday I was thinking. The weather was the most beautiful since I moved here. I decided to go out for a run - and I can say that it was the best idea. I enjoyed every moment of it. I can't really remember when was the last time when I went for a run in the nature. Typically the weather here is not the best, but the yesterday's run gave me energy for my new project and to begin to run outside again. Running through the park was the best, there were families who were eating BBQ and the kids just playing with each other. It gave me some kind of good feeling and I just smiled.

For me it is very important to train every day at least 30 minutes. Cycling in the strong wind is also kind of training every morning... Sometimes walking will be even faster than cycling. Do you think I'm joking? Just come to Denmark and live here for 1 month. Haha. You'll learn how to enjoy 2 seconds of 'no wind' moment.



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