my workout routine //

The past 3 months I did workout, almost every day. No, I didn't go to the gym. It was my home workout. It's called insanity and it takes just 30 minutes. The funny thing that after 10 minutes you just want to die... but it'll worth it, I promise. I feel better after those workouts and I'm more motivated in the next day. I had days when I cannot do my best, but that's okay. Everybody has ups and downs, there are days when you have less power and so on... But the most important thing that you'll keep going. It's for yourself, not for others. Think about your health.

Also, I'm back at running too. Whenever I go for a run I feel more motivated, more free. It's simply good to do some sports outside too. The running can turn me off completely and helps a lot, when I have a lot of things in my mind. 



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