Can I give you an advise?

Today's post is not really connected with my outfit photos, but I went out for a walk and then it came this idea.

Would you like to give an advise? 
Do your future self a favour and work hard now!  

 I know, I know it's better just to sit in front of the computer and surfing on Fb or Instagram for hours, but what will it give to you? Nothing, but time wasting. Nobody says for me that every second their feed changes completely. So actually you're just looking the same thing for hours. I don't say that this is bad, some days we need these kind of days, but when you can - you should do something new, something 'worth it' thing. I know the feeling when you're too lazy just to move or breathe. But take a favour for yourself. Go out for a walk, be fresh and promise me it will help a lot. You'll thank yourself for these decisions.
 Everybody works hard for their living, and behind every successful person there is a lot of work, but you cannot see. You see, just the Instagram post that their life is amazing, let's say: kind of perfect. But actually they are working really hard. That's the problem with the social media. You see what others let you see.

SO, work hard now and you'll thank for yourself one day; maybe on a holiday in Ibiza. :D



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