rainy Sunday mood

When it's raining outside I feel like a mess. And "luckily" it was raining outside since last week. But today morning I had a little time to make a cup of coffee, lay in the bed and then listen to music. Actually, it was really cool, because I could focus on my design project - I have to hand in on Wednesday, so I have to be done as soon as I can - and enjoy my Sunday. I thought I could go for a run, but in this weather it is not possible for me. 

About my design project; I am pretty excited about it, because I have a lot of ideas, I am thinking a lot how can I do my best, and this will be my first real project alone. Because at VIA you have a lot of group work which is sometimes a little bit too confusing. 



Lenya said…
This is amazing. I love it.
Andrea Ferencz said…
Thank you Ailen! :)
Andrea Ferencz said…
Thank you Lenya! :)
Dora said…
I often find rainy days more inspiring than sunny ones. There's just something about rain that makes me feel super creative

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